In 2008 three eating disorder professionals, Jaime Conover, LPC, Lisa Gibson, MS, RD/LD, and Ovidio Bermudez, MD, had a vision to provide education opportunities for professionals to raise the standard of care for those suffering with eating disorders. They additionally saw a need for sufferers and their families to have a central location to find eating disorder related resources and access to providers. As a result, the Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association was created.

Over the years OEDA’s mission and vision have continued to attract volunteers and donors that have allowed for the creation of ongoing educational programs for teens, young adults and professionals.

Founding Members

  • Ovidio Bermudez, MD
  • Teri Bourdeau, PhD
  • Jaime Conover, LPC
  • The Buecker Family
  • Chylene DeLarre, LPC
  • Julie Dupell, PhD
  • Lisa C. Gibson, MS, RD/LD
  • Craig Johnson, PhD
  • Rex & Shirley Lykins
  • Tamara Richardson, PhD
  • Joseph M. Ripperger & Associates
  • Sharla Robbins, PhD
  • Tammi Smith, LPC